Denmark's ATP fires long-time top manager and restructures organization

Christian Hyldahl, CEO of Denmark’s ATP, has overhauled the statutory pension provider’s organizational structure, firing a long-serving manager in the process.

Christian Hyldahl | Foto: Ritzau Scanpix/Malene Anthony Nielsen

ATP's organization is undergoing a series of sweeping changes and Lilian Mogensen, Executive Vice President and CEO of the pension fund’s Udbetaling Danmark business, has lost her job. at Denmark's largest government-sponsored pension provider.

In an announcement, the Danish statutory pension fund says: “ATP's group management has carried out extensive organizational changes to obtain a simpler and more transparent organization making it simpler to carry out tasks and make decisions."

ATP’s administration is being divided into two organizations, it says — Udbetaling Danmark and Pensions & Investments.

The new organization leaves no space for Mogensen, who has been with ATP since 1998, serving as Executive Vice President since 2007.

"ATP's administration organization is a clear success, and many people will question why we're making changes,” says Christian Hyldahl, CEO of ATP, in the announcement.

“The existing organizational structure has fully served its purpose, but is also the result of the operation having mushroomed over many years. Looking ahead, we need a different platform for our operations, and I believe that the best way for us to adapt ATP and the administration organization for the future is by introducing a simpler and more transparent organization,” he says.

The organizational changes involve the appointment of Carsten Bodal as Executive Vice President of Udbetaling Danmark. Bodal was previously Executive Vice President of ATP's administration organization.

Anne Kristine Axelsson is being appointed Executive Vice President of Pension, Social Insurances & AES.

Bo Foged, Executive Vice President, is being given responsibility for ATP's Business Support and Corporate Functions.

ATP's Group Management comprises:

Christian Hyldahl, CEO

Bo Foged (Corporate Functions and Business Support)

Annemette Moesgaard (Communications and External Relations)

Kasper Ahrndt Lorenzen (Investments)

Mads Smith Hansen (Risk & Compliance and Risk & Pensions)

Anne Kristine Axelsson (Pension, Social Insurances & AES)

Carsten Bodal (Udbetaling Danmark)

English Edit: Lisa Castey Hall Nielsen

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